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DTG - Garment Choice
Choosing the best shirt for DTG


The print quality of DTG can rely heavily on the garment you choose. To assist with explaining the difference, here’s some examples of a recommended garment vs a garment we don’t typically recommend:

There’s some notable differences between the shirt we recommend & the shirt we don’t. The shirt we don’t recommend isn’t as smooth or vibrant, & the coverage isn’t as even, almost blotchy looking. 

Here’s another example:

In this example you can see the colour almost looks “thin” on the not recommended shirt. You can see small white fibres poking through the print, especially in the stronger colours & the pink looks lighter & patchier. 


Now, a word about price. Shirts that work great with DTG tend to be more premium, combed cotton shirts, therefore they are more expensive (roughly £1 - £1.50 more per shirt). 

Our goal is always to provide you with the best quality product we can, but we also understand that some clients are on a strict budget, or may be using the shirts as promo items so print quality is not the focus. If you’re perfectly happy with using a cheaper garment, we can totally accommodate that, it’s not an issue. Just be aware that print quality could be better with a higher quality shirt.